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Lucha VaVoom is a promotion based out of Los Angeles, California that mixes traditional lucha libre with live burlesque. It focuses on the more comedy & entertainment. Lucha VaVoom usually runs shows out of the Mayan Theater. Lucha VaVoom is promoted by former GWAR manager Liz Fairbairn & burlesque performer Ursalina (Rita D'Albert). They ran their first show in August 2002

They feature "name" luchadores like Blue Demon Jr. & LA Park as well as mini's Mascarita Sagrada, Tsuki, Octagoncito, Pierrothito, & Piratita Morgan and local workers like Poubelle Twins, Crybaby, Nikki the Knockout, Dirty Sanchez, El Bombero, Chocolate Caliente, Shamu Jr., & Piloto Suicida. It also features luchadors under alternative gimmicks namely Mascarita Dorada as Lil' Chicken or El Duende In between matches they have various burlesque performers from around the world perform.

Lucha VaVoom is usually hosted by comedians like Blaine Capatch, Tom Kenny, & Patton Oswalt who run an ongoing comedy commentary throughout the shows.

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