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LNG-Pista Pabellon is the name of an outdoor ring in Tultitlan, State of Mexico, also featured in other arenas such as LNG Pista Pabellon presents. The ring is under a large tent. They usually have young apprentices and stars from other places. The arena was created on April 6, 2012.

The location is C. Porfirio Díaz # 5, Esq. Hemeregildo Galeana. Colonia Buena Vista (Lower part) Tultitlan State. from Mexico, Mexico. The seating capacity varies. There are a number of folding chairs to sit on, but many people who watch are standing. The offices are located at Calle Duraznos # 24, Colonia Bello Horizonte, Tultitlan State of Mexico. C.P. 54948, two blocks from the "Bello Horizonte" station of the Mexibus L2