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Current Members:

Product of the Old school with more than 20 years in the wrestling biz, the team of "Lemus II & El Resplandor" make their mark in american rings as "Los Luchas Locos"

In the 80's "El Resplandor" breaks into lucha libre in his native Ciudad Juarez, Chihuaha, MEXICO his professors were Avispon Verde & Tony Pena These top notch Maestros also trained Juarez best El Cobarde, Fishman, Impostor & El Marques!

"El Resplandor" has won a varety of titles but has also had epic matches most notably luchadores Super Astro, Rey Misterio Jr, Shu El Guerrero, Gallo Tapado& Many more!

Another Product of The 80's and A Member of the Lemus Dynasty ( Lemus I, Lemus Jr y El Latino ) "Lemus II" The Menace From East L.A begins his wrestling Career In Nuevo Laredo, MEXICO he was trained by Arandu, El Horoscopo & Lemus I

"Lemus II" has also won a variety of titles & has also had great matches with "Sicodelico Jr., The Honky Tonk Man, Gorilita Flores, Chavo Guerrero

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TNT Tag Team Champions
TWF Tag Team Champions