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Los Bucaneros was a trio established in EMLL during the 1980's. It was a pirate themed rudo group. Los Bucaneros went through several incarnations with different members, with Pirata Morgan as the centerpiece.

The group was relaunched in the early 90s, after EMLL had become CMLL. Pirata Morgan brought in his newly debuted nephew Rey Bucanero as well as his mini Piratita Morgan.

When Piratita left CMLL for the up-start AAA promotion, a new Piratita Morgan was brought in. Eventually Pirata Morgan himself made the jump to AAA leaving his nephew stuck for a few years until he joined up with Ultimo Guerrero in a new version of Los Infernales. While this happened, the first Piratita Morgan became Coquito Rojo in AAA and later joined the WWF as Battalion and his replacement later became known as Damiancito El Guerrero and then most recently Virus who is also a part of the current Los Infernales. This format would later be copied by AAA with Los Piratas.

1st Generation Members:

2nd Generation Members:

3rd Generation Members:


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