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The group was announced in a May 2008 CMLL press conference, and the membership of this group was never quite clear. Everyone who reported on the group appeared to come out of the press conference thinking the membership was slightly different.

Those who were shown in the group picture:

Other names reported as being part of the group

In the end, the exact membership of the group did not ultimately matter. While there were very slight and subtle indications of a unit - Garza started wearing long sleeve shirts in the ring and everyone else followed - there didn't seem to be any more specific unity between these tecnicos separate than the normal tecnico combination. Hector himself proved this to be the case, by winning the CMLL World Trios Championship with La Mascara & Hijo del Fantasma, who weren't in his group but were otherwise no different than the guys in his group.

This group quickly faded away into irrelevance. CMLL and Garza tried the idea again in 2009, to a similar level of success.