Los Alienigenas

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A group of strange aliens, created in 2006 in AAA. Alliens had already be in AAA for a number of years, but he brought in some extra-terrestrial friends who spoke in odd noises. The other Alliens were named Madrox, Kriptor and Mungo (a mascot sized Alliens). Their man opponents were Alebrije and Cuije for the short time they were around.

This group was obviously a pure Antonio Pena idea, putting aging wrestlers in wacky masks as a midcard attraction. While it's never been admitted, it's believed one of the two regular sized Alienigenas was MS-1. The other remains a mystery but it's possible he was El Verdugo.

The group disappeared in the period after Pena's death, a likely causality of changing philosophies. They're remembered for their weird promos.