Lemús II

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Lemús II
Lemús II
Name Lemús II
Real name Johnny Quezada
Nicknames "The Menace from East L.A"
Name history Lemans (debut - 89) Lemús (89 - )
Family El Latino (brother), Lemús I (uncle), Lemus Jr. (cousin), Juan Reynosa (3rd cousin), Mad Dog Cruz (godfather)
Maestro(s) Mr Nuclear, Rebelde Blanco, Lemus I, El Judio, Arandu, Horoscopo, Rudy Boy Gonzalez, Jose Lothario
Birth date, location July 20, 1967 - San Antonio, Texas
Obituary date
Debut, location October 26, 1986 - Arena Valadez - San Antonio, Texas, USA
Lost mask to July 5, 1985
Signature moves One Time (modified Face Down Figure 4 Leg Lock)
Titles: UWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship (Texas version), UTW Heavyweight Championship, LLM Heavyweight Championship, TXW Light Heavyweight Championship, MAW Heavyweight Championship (3) PWI Tag Team Championship W/ Chief Battu, PWI Heavyweight & US (2) Championship,TWA Heavyweight Championship (2) TWA Lucha Libre Heavyweight Champion, TWA "Hall of Fame" class of 2018, JWP International Heavyweight Champion, TWF Tag Team Championship w/ Black Soul & El Resplandor, TNT Tag Team Championship w/ El Resplandor Los Luchas Locos

During 1984 and 1985, while in High School (jr. year), Lemús' nephew had been training during the Summer at the training facility of Arena Cuatro Caminos in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas. He did this secretly, because his uncle was opposed to him being a wrestler due to the toughness of the business in itself.

But the young man kept training in the gym, and finally got his chance to get formally trained, as his godfather was a wrestling promoter called Mad Dog Cruz (Roberto Solloa) who that did shows in San Antonio and had his own gym. He kept training during school months, and when Summer hit and he went to Nuevo Laredo as every year, the guys there told his uncle that the young man was "ready to go". This caught Lemús I by surprise because he didn't know his nephew was training, but he ws both amazed and happy.

His first wrestling name was Lemans, and started wearing a black mask with a golden "antifaz" so people would know he was related to Lemús II. So on October 26, 1986 in San Antonio TX, at the now defunct Arena Valadez, he made his debut against old timer El Yaki, who gave the rooking a good kicking but was DQ'd for taking Lemans mask off!

Lemans realized this was just a hobby so he decided to get an education and a career in case an injury cut his career short. But before leaving, he was voted rookie of the year at the Arena Valadez.

In December of 1986 he joined the Navy where he had the chance to wrestle a lot as he joined the ship's amateur wrestling team, competing against another ships stationed on the USS Pyro, and then during his vacations home to Texas he'd wrestle professionally.

It was in 1989 when Lemús I explained that his nephew had paid his dues and was his time to step up and take his chance to shine. Lemans became Lemús II and changed his old mask for the the black one with the red antifaz.

In 1991 he moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles, where he lived during a year, only wrestling amateur style. There he was close to people living the "Chicano style", rap, cursing, gang fights and a lot of negativity, but he stayed out of trouble and a year later he received orders from Corpus Christi, TX to go to wrestle with the UWA (Universal Wrestling Alliance). The promoter felt that he had to wrestle as a tecnico due to his "lucha libre" background. Before his debut match with the new promotion, he though that if Sangre Chicana claimed to be from Chicago, why couldn't he claim to be from L.A.? So that night he became "Lemús II from East L.A.".

The crowd liked him and his lucha style so he became quickly popular with the Latin crowd attending and just after three months he was given the UWA Junior Heavyweight Title. Things were going very well for Lemús II, who was wrestling a lot all over Texas and into Nuevo Laredo in Mexico.

During this time, as a sign of respect for his uncle he changed his red antifaz to gold (though he has often used both) and also had his first chance to tag with his uncle.

In 1998, the team of Lemús I & II began to wrestle for Jose Lothario and Shawn Michaels' PWI (Pro Wrestling International). Lemús I was also part time employed by AAA, so after their PWI run, the uncle moved to Mexico and the nephew was welcomed by UTW (Underground Texas Wrassling) where he shortly became the UTW Heavyweight champion.

He them moved on to STEW (South Texas Extreme Wrestling) but due to bad promotion and problems with the egos backstage, Lemús II found his roots and jumped to a smaller time promotion, an old fashioned pure lucha company called "Lucha Libre Mexicana" Promociones Anguiano run by old timer Salvaje Anguiano.

Lemús II is not a big time star but he's a good, hard worker who went to emulating the style of Black Gordman, El Solitario and Lemús I, to become his own person: rough, smart, and with a somewhat 80s traditional style with a lot of matwork. As he says it, "a conservative rudo".

After ten years of service (including being sent to the Persian Gulf) he left the navy in 1996, though he became affiliated with the navy reserve and he's currently a deputy sheriff working at the county jail. He's still wrestles on small independent companies when given a chance, as he's well known around the local circuits because of the TV exposure that Lothario and PWI gave him in 1998-98.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??/??/?? hair Lemus II Marvik unknown
2005/??/?? Mask Lemús II Krazzy Soul Arena Siglo 21 - Nuevo Laredo, Mex
2005/??/?? Mask Lemus II El Crazzy Texas Wrestling Entertainment