Laberinto (California)

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{{bioFields| |image=Laberinto (California)_2017.jpg |name=Laberinto |realName= |nicknames= |nameHistory=Laberinto |family= |maestro=Durango Kid |birthdate=1988- Los Angeles, California |debut=July 25 [[2005]- Inoki Dojo in California |lostmaskto= |height= |weight= |obituarydate= |signatureMoves=Schizophrenia, Muscle Buster |titles=Santino Bros Submission Champion |}}


A regular on Los Angeles based lucha libre shows. Has competed in Mexico on Toryumon Mexico shows through trainer Durango Kid, he debuted in Arena Mexico on May 11, 2008 for DragonMania 3. Teams with Blood Eagle as the Soulless Assassins.