La Peste Negra

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La Peste Negra is a group formed after Mr. Niebla jumped from AAA to CMLL in the summer of 2008 and aligned himself with Heavy Metal and Negro Casas. Their brother Felino joined as the fourth member. La Peste Negra have the gimmick of being somewhat comical/rough brawlers. In 2009, Felino's wife Princesa Blanca turned rudo and joined the group as the only female member of the group.

Current Members:

La Peste Negra also have an alliance with Los Guerreros de la Atlantida and Hijo de Lizmark. Puma King and Tiger Kid(the nephews of Negro, Felino, Metal and Blanca) are not recognize as members but have also an affiliation with the group.In April of 09 Mr. Niebla offer Okumura to be part of La Peste Negra as he was mostly in the teams that felino was in.