Pineapple Hanai

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Pineapple Hanai
Pineapple Hanai
Name Pineapple Hanai
Real name Ken'ichi Sakai
Name history Ken'ichi Sakai (debut - 2004), Pineapple Hanai (2004 - 2005), Ken45° (2005 - current)
Maestro(s) Skayde, Ultimo Dragon
Birth date, location May 25, 1984
Obituary date
Debut, location December 7, 2002
Lost mask to
Height 172cm
Weight 80kg
Signature moves BARONESS, Break the Hammer, Cryptosporidium, Faul, Loop of Pine, Salsa Salsa, Salsa Salsa II, Salsa Salsa Wild, Scorpion Death ROCK
Titles: UWA World Trios Championship (w/Mango Fukuda & Takeshi Minamino)


as Pineapple Hanai
as Ken45°