KAOZ Camino A Recompensa Tournament

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Tournament held by KAOZ in second third of 2018 in Arena Coliseo Monterrey. Developed throughout various dates, the promotion announced the winner will be awarded with a briefcase with money (similar to WWE's Money In The Bank). It was contested by a mix male, female, and mini wrestlers.


Qualifying Round

First Round

All first round matches took place on August 5 in Arena Coliseo Monterrey.


The first semifinal match-up took place on September 9. A four way match between qualified wrestlers was booked in Arena Coliseo Monterrey. In the finals of the match, Jesse El Vasco Jr. defeated Hija de Karonte to eliminate her from the tournament, leaving Black Taurus, Jesse El Vasco Jr., and Mr. Iguana for another semifinal in a near future to get the two finalist.

The second semifinal match took place on October 7. The match ended in a draw, and the same match was booked to the final.


On October 28, Mr. Iguana defeated Black Taurus, and Jesse El Vasco Jr. in a Ladders Match to win the tournament.