Jon Strongman

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Jon Strongman
Jon Strongman
Name Jon Strongman
Real name Jon Andersen Reel
Nicknames Strongman. The Firewall (LLUSA), American Yeti
Name history Jon Anderson (PWR), (Jon) Strongman (CMLL/NJPW 2009- ), Jon Rekon (LLUSA 2011)
Birth date, location January 8, 1977
Obituary date
Debut, location
Lost mask to
Height 183 cm/6'0"
Weight 132 kgs/309 lbs
Signature moves Chokeslam, Gorilla Press, Backbreaker Rack
Titles: Lucha Libre USA Tag Team Championship (w/Petey Williams)

Strongman lives in San Francisco, CA and is a well-known body builder. He competed in CMLL in 2009 and has has competed in Japan. His massive physical stature allows him to mow down opponents with ease. He often invites opponents to hit him, takes their blows without moving, and knocks them to the ground with a toss of the arm. Has made tours of CMLL in the same role, though the rudos have been able to do more to him each time, up TRT pinning him repeatedly with a three man powerbomb.

Strong Man also has represented CMLL in NJPW, and maybe have spent more time in the Japanese promotion by 2011.

In 2011, Strong Man debuted in Lucha Libre USA joining RJ Brewer's The Right as a former border patrol agent named Jon Rekon.


Debut in Mexico w/ Shocker