Jacob Fatu

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Jacob Fatu
Jacob Fatu
Name Jacob Fatu
Real name
Nicknames The Samoan Warewolf
Name history Jacob Fatu
Family Nikozuna (father), Journey Fatu (brother), Sefa Fatu (brother), Afa Anoai (great uncle), Sika Anoai (great uncle), Samu (second cousin), Afa Anoai Jr. (second cousin), Lloyd Anoai (second cousin), Solofa Fatu (uncle), Rodney Anoai (second cousin), Matt Anoai (second cousin), Eddie Fatu (uncle), David Tua (second cousin), Gary Albright (second cousin by marriage), Peter Maivia (distant cousin), Jimmy Snuka (distant cousin), Jimmy Snuka, Jr. (distant cousin, once-removed), Rocky Johnson (distant cousin by marriage), Dwayne Johnson (distant cousin)
Maestro(s) Fatu
Birth date, location
Obituary date
Debut, location September 22, 2012 - Sun Valley, California
Lost mask to
Height 6'2"
Weight 282 lbs
Signature moves Diving Headbutt, Moonsault, Samoan Drop, Samoan Splash
Titles: APW Universal Heavyweight Championship, APW Worldwide Internet Championship, DEFY Tag Team 8XGP Championship (w/ The Almighty Shiek), PCW ULTRA Tag Team Championship (w/ The Almighty Shiek)


Son of Tama. Worked for The CRASH as a member of La Rebelion Amarilla