IWRG FIL XX Tournament

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Brackets are not definite, and are only best guess based on what aired.

Trios, and the school they represented:

IWRG Teams

Other schools

Round of 16   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Final
          IWRG (Astro Rey Jr.) W  
        Gimnasio Navarro    
            IWRG (Astro Rey Jr.) W  
 Ojo de Tiger W        Gimansio Ojo de Tigre [1]  
 IWRG (Matrix Jr.)      Gimnasio Ojo de Tigre W
 IWRG (Blue Monsther)    Felipe Ham Lee      
 Felipe Ham Lee W        IWRG (Astro Rey Jr.) W
            Villano Gym
          DTU [2]  
        IWRG (Astro de Plata) W  
            IWRG (Astro de Plata)
 Pantera Queretaro W        Villano Gym W  
 IWRG (Centurión)      Pantera Queretaro [3]
        Villano Gym W  
  1. presumed based on future matchups
  2. match is known to happen but unknown result
  3. presumed based on future matchups