IWL Heavyweight Tournament, 2010

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The title, the champion won.

The tournament was began by IWL on August 13, 2010 to crown their first IWL Heavyweight Champion. The tournament was made normally, but when came to semifinals was abandoned in same year 2010.


Round of 16   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Final
 Charly Manson  
 Chuck Palumbo W      Chuck Palumbo  
 Adam Pearce    Colt Cabana    
 Colt Cabana W          
 Heddi Karaoui W        Canek  
 Ryan Taylor      Heddi Karaoui
 Alebrije    Canek W      
 Blue Demon Jr. W        
 El Generico      Blue Demon Jr. W  
 Halloween    Scott Summers[1]  
 Scot Summers W        Blue Demon Jr.
 Scorpio Jr.        Damián 666  
 Villano III W      Villano III
 Damián 666 W    Damián 666 W  
 Val Venis  
  1. Scott Summers did not make his flight to the US for his scheduled match. He was declared out of the tournament, and Blue Demon Jr. fought against Halloween and Super Crazy instead. Demon won and advanced to the semifinals of the tournament.

This tournament appears to be abandoned. Colt Cabana has said the IWL promoters were no longer interested in bringing in foreigners after Summers did not show up, and Colt's own match was canceled. There's been no mention of this tournament since 2010.

Three years, IWL announced their 3rd Anniversary Show and the dispute of the IWL Heavyweight Championship, but they selected random wrestlers to fight by the belt, not the wrestlers who participated in the tournament, in exception of Canek. The belt appear that finally will have a holder, but the tournament never was finished.