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Los Hijos del Averno (the sons of hell) was a CMLL faction, mostly consisting of former Perros del Mal members who stayed with CMLL after Perro Aguayo Jr. left CMLL to form his own promotion, and La Triada del Terror including the pseudo member of Los Languneros, Ephesto.

This group was formerly known as Jauria del Terror (the Hounds of Terror)


Former Members:

The new faction seems, very early, positioned a step below where the old faction was (or about where it was when Perro Jr. wasn't around.) They seem to have maintained Los Perros alliance with the Villanos, as well the rudo rivalry with Guerreros de la Atlantida.

Previously unaligned rudo Misterioso II was added at the end of February 2009 via press conference. He was also the first to leave the group, jumping to Poder Mexica, but he only had a slight presence in the group, not strongly as allied as the other members.

The group was at first nameless and then called Jauria del Terror the next week before settling the next month under their current name.

Since the creation of the faction, Averno has been pushed the most despite Mephisto winning the NWA World Welterweight Championship (ending La Sombra's year and a half reign as champion) and Texano Jr. winning the NWA World Light Heavyweight Championship (ending Atlantis' four year reign as champion.)

After joining the rudo side, Volador Jr. often wore the same or similar gear as members of this group, teamed with them, and was occasionally included in membership in an offhand manner, but was never officially listed joining the group.

Terrible & Texano Jr., who had been acting as their own tag team within the group almost from their formation, officially split from Los Hijos del Averno in late April 2011 to form La Fuerza TRT. Despite now being down to the same members as the old Triada del Terror, the three remaining members have stuck with the Hijos del Avenro name. During the feud between Averno and La Mascara, Inquisidor would dress up as Averno to trick Mascara. Inquisidor was never officially offered membership. Averno left CMLL for AAA and joined Los Hellbrothers, leaving Mephisto and Ephesto to form a now group with Luiciferno called Los Hijos del Infierno.

Los Hijos del Averno
Mephisto . Ephesto
Former: Averno . Misterioso II . Terrible . Texano Jr.