Hijo de Rey Misterio (disambiguation)

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Some wrestlers have used the El Hijo de Rey Misterio name from 2006 to now.

  • El Hijo de Rey Misterio: The original and only actual relative to Rey Misterio. He used the name from 2006 to 2011. Wreslted as Rey Misterio Jr. and he was the first who introduced himself as Rey Misterio Heredero.
  • Höruz: Impersonated the original during a tour in Bolivia. He used the name in 2009.
  • El Hijo de Rey Misterio II: Replaced the original after "his retirement". He used the name from 2011 to 2014. Now is wrestling as Rey Horus.
  • The King Rey Misterio formerly known as Enigma and Venum Black Jr. On July 28, 2018 he was introduced by Rey Misterio as a new version of Rey Misterio Heredero, but the idea seemed to be dropped. He was also referred as Hijo de Rey Misterio. He ended billed as The King Rey Misterio.
  • El Hijo de Rey Misterio IV formerly known as Viento. He was the second version of Rey Misterio II, went back to his former persona. He is the current version of Hijo de Rey Misterio.

Not confused with Rey Mysterio, who currently is wrestling in WWE.