Hart Foundation 2.0

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The Hart Foundation 2.0 is a tag team that has been in Canada's Stampede Wrestling, America's Major League Wrestling and later AAA. During the Stampede and MLW days, Harry Smith and TJ Wilson were a part of it.

In AAA they were a part of Konnan's Legión Extranjera. Teddy Hart was brought into AAA first in November 2007 and Jack Evans followed for April's 2008 Rey De Reyes event. Bryan Danielson was brought into team with them for TripleMania XIV but he seemed to be a member of the Legion, rather than the unit. Shortly there after Teddy's on-screen girlfriend started as their valet.

It seems that in late 2008, the split between Sean Waltman who left the Legion and formed D-Generation-MEX caused Konnan and the Hart Foundation to be at odds at times as Konnan would say different things to his Legion members and the Hart Foundation.

On May 18, 2009 in the semi-final of the AAA World Cruiserweight Title Tournament the partnership of Teddy and Jack was ended when Teddy would cause Jack his match against Extreme Tiger after being asked by him not to get involved vowing to win the match on his own. Jack was subsequently kicked out of the Legion and is now tecnico feuding with the rudo Teddy.