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Los Guapos VIP

The initial Los Guapos started teaming together in CMLL around 2001, and existed in various configurations there until Shocker's jump to AAA. The Guapos were reformed in AAA in 2005 as Los Guapos VIP with fellow jumps to AAA including Alan Stone, Zumbido and Scorpio Jr., as well as a rudo referee in Piero. Estrella Dorada Jr. was rumored as a possible member, but left AAA before anything came of it.

Shocker jumped back to CMLL in early 2006 and eventually made his own variation of Los Guapos called High Society. He was replaced in the group by Hator and Scorpio Jr. took over as the leader of the group. Another former member of Los Guapos Emilio Charles Jr., wrestling for CMLL at the time, was rumored as a possible addition but like Dorada Jr, nothing came of it. Chris Stone then attempted to help the group as a masked man late in 2006, but usually failed. He was however offered membership when his mask was yanked and Alan realized it was his brother.

In 2007, the Guapos hyped a new leader, the true boss of the group. It was revealed to be Guapito, a mascot/mini with dyed blond hair who wore suits. They immediately started a feud with Alebrije and Cuije. During this stretch, Scorpio, Zumbido and Alan were the primary trio. Chris Stone and Hator were used much less often, and mainly for the 2006 tournament to determine AAA's First World Tag Team Champions. After the tournament, Hator was phased out and seemingly being quietly dropped along the way. Piero remained a rudo referee but wasn't closely associated with the group as he use to be.

After Super Calo lost his mask at TripleMania, he was revealed as the third Stone brother and was added to the group. This set up lasted just weeks before Scorpio, Guaptio and Zumbido turned on the Stone brothers. Alan, Chris and Super Calo formed their own trio as Los Bello Stones, and the Guapos introduced a new member to feud with them. The former Barrio Boy Decnnis joined to round out the trio (which quietly ended the existence of his former group Los Barrio Boys). This set up would continue even after the feud when Bello Stones disbanded.

In the summer of 2008, just as the group brought in El Brazo to feud with his brother Super Porky, the current members all were rumored to be leaving AAA in a pay dispute. Decnnis, Scorpio and Guapito appeared at an IWRG show, with Zumbido promised to come. Decnnis quickly changed his mind and returned to AAA. Feeling he'd committed to the date, Guapito worked the following week's IWRG show without telling anyone (especially Scorpio) that he was planning to return to AAA the next day. Zumbido, the only one who didn't show at that first appearance, ended up joining Scorpio as the only true departures.

After Decnnis and Guapito returned to AAA, Scorpio claimed in the press that the only ones allowed to run Guapos factions were the surviving members of the original group, himself and Shocker. AAA never directly responded to this claim, but El Brazo suggested in interviews that the group be called the Metrosexuals instead, however AAA did not get the memo and still called the group Guapos VIP. Zumbido and Scorpio continued teaming as the Guapos on independent shows typically with El Dandy as their third in trios. Meanwhile, Pirata Morgan filled in as a partner to Decnnis and Brazo on AAA television shows, though he was never even implied to be a member of the group. Nuevo Laredo wrestler Escorpion Negro, who had been working openers and dark matches, debuted as the third member of the AAA group in August of 2008. The focus of the group was switched to El Brazo, due to his feud with Super Porky.

In December of 2008, Guapito and El Brazo were the last ones left in a cage match with Electroshock, El Elegido, Pirata Morgan, Super Fly and Super Porky. Brazo turned on Guapito to save his hair, but Guapito was still able to escape first with some help from Elegido.

Decnnis & El Brazo disappeared from TV for many months. In the meantime, Guapito first tried to buy a partnership with Elegido, but the tecnico did not want anything to do with him. Guaptio then went into business for himself, forming Los Chihuahuas (parody) promotion for mini wrestlers. While that idea was eventually dropped, it led to Guapito offering to promote Decnnis & El Brazo again, since he was succeeding with out him. El Brazo was still angry about his hair match loss, but eventually all three men made peace. They were back together, though very little on TV.

At the 2009 Heroes en Inmortales show, Decnnis worked as a tecnico. There was no particular explanation of his change. Guapito continues to manage him and El Brazo continued to be a rudo, so it appeared as though the Guapos VIP group was done.

Today with all of the former members out of AAA, groups of 3 of them sometimes reform to team on indie shows.



2006 lineup
Early 2008 lineup: Scorpio Jr., Zumbido, Decnis, Guapito
Late 2008 lineup: Escorpion Negro, El Brazo, Decnis, Guapito