Gran Hamada

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Gran Hamada
Gran Hamada
Name Gran Hamada
Real name Haraoki Hamada
Nicknames Iron Man
Name history Gran Hamada (debut? - ), Little Hamada, NG Hammer (MPW, 03/95)
Family Ayako & Xóchitl Hamada (daughters), Pentagón Black (son-in-law)
Maestro(s) Kotetsu Yamamoto, René Guajardo
Birth date, location November 27, 1950 - Maebashi, Gunma, Japan
Obituary date
Debut, location March 16, 1972 - Ehime, Japan
Lost mask to
Height 5'6"/168 cms
Weight 202 lbs/92 kg
Signature moves Top-rope Hama-Chan (Diamond) Cutter, Standing Headbutt, Huracarrana, Flying Swinging DDT, Top Rope Frankensteiner
Titles: UWA World Middleweight Title (3), UWA World Junior Light Heavyweight Title (5), UWA World Light Heavyweight Title (2), Los Angeles: NWA Americas Title, WWF World Light Heavyweight Title (2), All Japan: World Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Titles, NWA World Middleweight Title, UWA World Tag Team Titles (3, w/ Riki Choshu, w/ Perro Aguayo, w/ Kendo), UWA/UWF Intercontinental Tag Team Titles (w/ Great Sasuke), UWF Super Middleweight Title, WWA World Junior Light Heavyweight Title, P*MIX Tag Team Titles (w/ Ayako Hamada)


circa 2000