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|[[2006]].[[June 2|06.02]]
|[[2006]].[[June 2|06.02]]
|[[Perro Aguayo Jr.]] and [[Misterioso II]]
|[[Perro Aguayo Jr.]] and [[Misterioso II]]
|Sorta Yes
|[[2007]].[[June 29|06.29]]
|[[2007]].[[June 29|06.29]]
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|[[2008]].[[July 19|07.19]]
|[[2008]].[[July 19|07.19]]
|[[Ultimo Guerrero]] and [[Dragon Rojo Jr.]]
|[[Ultimo Guerrero]] and [[Dragon Rojo Jr.]]
|Too Soon

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CMLL (Mexico City) occasionally holds a tournament to highlight promising young wrestlers, called the Gran Alterntiva tournament. The tournament creates 8 or 16 teams of undercard wrestlers with higher profile legends who match them in tecnico/rudo stytle but usually don't team together. The teams meet in a typical single elimination single fall tournament over one or two shows. The winning young wrestler typically gets a reward of being spotlighted in some extra way.

As far as I've been able to find, these are the past Gran Alterntiva Tournaments.

Summary Of Winners

Date Winners Benefited
1994.12.30 Negro Casas and Hector Garza Yes
1995.04.07 Silver King and Shocker Yes
1996.06.07 Bestia Salvaje and Chicago Express No
1996.11.15 Emilio Charles Jr. and Rey Bucanero Yes
1998.07.14 Emilio Charles Jr. and Tony Rivera No
1999.04.02 Blue Panther and Ultimo Guerrero Yes
1999.12.17 Felino and Tigre Blanco No
2001.08.14 Olimpico and Sicodélico Jr. No
2003.01.01 Mascara Ano 2000 & Genetico sorta Yes
2004.08.20 El Hijo Del Santo and Mistico Yes
2005.07.01 Atlantis and La Mascara Yes
2006.06.02 Perro Aguayo Jr. and Misterioso II Sorta Yes
2007.06.29 Mistico and La Sombra Yes
2008.07.19 Ultimo Guerrero and Dragon Rojo Jr. Yes


Pro Wrestling History.com has a listing for this event. It took place on 1994.12.30

Halcon Negro Jr. & Dr. Wagner Jr.-
                                  |Halcon & Wagner-
Gran Markus Jr. & Astro Rey Jr.---                 |
                                                   |Garza & Negro--- 
Hector Garza & Negro Casas--------                 |                |
                                  |Garza & Negro---                 |
Pierroth & Guerrero de la Muerte--                                  |Negro Casas
                                                                    |Hector Garza
Satanico & Arkangel de la Muerte--                                  |
                                  |Satanico & Ark--                 |
Dos Caras & Olimpico--------------                 |                |
                                                   |Satanico & Ark--
El Dandy & Shocker----------------                 |
                                  |Dandy & Shocker-
La Fiera & Mascara Maligna--------


This year's tournament took place on 1995.04.07

(Older stars are always listed before )

Dr. Wagner Jr. /Astro Rey Jr.----
Mocho Cota/Guerrero De La Muerte-                    |
Atlantis/Atlantico---------------                    |             |
                                 |Atlantis/Atlantico-              |
MS-1/MS-1 Jr.--------------------                                  |Silver King
Bestia Salvaje/Corazon Salvaje---                                  |
                                 |Bestia/Corazon-----              |
Emilio Charles Jr./Halcon Negro--                    |             |
Silver King/Shocker--------------                    |
Pierroth Jr./Chicago Express-----

Reward: Main event trios matches for the finalists, semi-main event trios matches for the semifinalists.


Two seperate tournaments this year.

The first (which ProWrestlingHistory.com incorrectly credits to 1997) happened on 06/07/96.

Bestia Salvaje/Chicago Express-
Dos Caras/Bronco---------------                    |
El Hijo Del Santo/Olimpico-----                    |                   |
                               |Santo/Olimpico-----                    |
Felino/Astro Rey Jr.-----------                                        |Bestia Salvaje
                                                                       |Chicago Express
Rambo/Guerrero De La Muerte----                                        |
                               |Rambo/Muerte-------                    |
El Brazo/Olimpis---------------                    |                   |
Atlantis/Atlantico-------------                    |
Apolo Dantes/Rey Bucanero------

Reward: Chicago Express wrestled in some Arena Mexico semi main events, which led to a NWA LH Title match against El Dandy.

The second tournament started in November. This tournament is diferent from the ones that followed it, because a qualification round led into the tournament. 20 young wrestlers were split into 4 divisions for round robin matchups. Top two from each division moved on to the normal tag team tournamnet, only being assigned partners in that stage.

According to this recap, the divisions particpants were:

  1. Mascara Magica, Astro Rey Jr., Principe Frankie, Kung Fu Jr., Filoso
  2. Rey Bucanero, Atlantico, Alacran, Ultraman Jr., America
  3. Mr. Niebla, Jaguar, Brandon, Linx, Ultimatum
  4. Olimpico, Karloff Lagarde Jr., Olimpus, Corazon Salvaje, Mano Negro Jr.

The tournament itself proceeded like this:

Felino/Astro Rey Jr.---------
Satanico/Karloff Lagarde Jr.-                  |
Lizmark Jr./Jaguar-----------                  |             |
                             |Emilio/Rey-------              |
Emilio Charles/Rey Bucanero--                                |
                                                             |Emilio Charles Jr.
Hector Garza/Mr. Niebla------                                |Rey Bucanero
                             |Garza/Niebla-----              |
Atlantis/Atlantico-----------                  |             |
Rayo de Jalisco/Olimpico-----                  |
Dos Caras/Mascara Magica-----

Reward: Rey got apparently got semi-main in Arena Mexico for this match. Which is fair, since the main event was Santo turning rudo. Rey got a few semimains after.


Emilio Charles Jr. and Tony Rivera beat Bestia Salvaje and Guerrero De La Muerte to win the tournament on 7/14/98, en route to building up hair/hair matches for the younger rivals, which Tony won.


There were actually two tournaments held in the '99 year, though the last one was late enough in the year to almost considered in the 2000 version.

According to the this recap, the first tournament on 04/02/99 went like this.

Blue Panther/Ultimo Guerrero-----
Fuerza Guerrera/Rey Bucanero-----                  |
Emilio Charles Jr./Tony Rivera---                  |                 |
                                 |Emilio/Tony------                  |
Satanico/Violencia---------------                                    |
                                                                     |Blue Panther
Mr. Niebla/Atlantico-------------                                    |Ultimo Guerrero
                                 |Niebla/Atlantico-                  |
Felino/Starman-------------------                  |                 |
Shocker/Astro Rey Jr.------------                  |
Apolo Dantes/Karloff Lagarde Jr.-

Reward: Blue Panther was enthused with the victory and talked about Ultimo joining his Panther/Black Warrior/Dr. Wagner faction. Ultimo Guerrero's reward was three weeks in a row in the main event of Arena Coliseo. The first two weeks were Giant Silva handicap matches. The third was a Wagner/Scorpio/Ultimo vs Negro/Niebla/Tinieblas Jr. of no particular merit to Ultimo

Some articles about Ultimo's win here imply Ultimo gets a NWA Middleweight Championship the third week, but I believe that came from an unrelated cibernetico. One could say he rode the wave of one tournament success to win another, but they weren't directly related.

(Additional info from Satanico's Ultimo Guerrero bio, and La Esquina del Dolor))

The second tournament was on 12/17/99.

Ringo Mendoza/Ricky Marvin-----
Apolo Dantes/Alan Stone--------               |
Felino/Tigre Blanco------------               |              |
                               |Felino/Tigre--               |
Mascara Ano 2000/Sangre Azteca-                              |
Scorpio Jr./Fugaz--------------                              |Tigre Blanco
                               |Scorpio/Fugaz-               |
Lizmark Jr./Sombra de Plata----               |              |
Negro Casas/Flecha-------------               |
Bestia Salvaje/Moto Cross------

(Info culled from Highspots's Sangre Azteca and Ricky Marvin bios. Parts of this tournament can be found on tape at WrestleholicsVideo.com)

Reward: Nothing in particular.


I watched this show and wrote down the full brackets!

Blue Panther/Virus---------------
Mr. Niebla/Alan Stone------------                  |
Olimpico/Psicodelico Jr.---------                  |                 |
                                 |Olimpico/'delico-                  |
Gran Markus Jr./Dr. X------------                                    |
Atlantis/Volador Jr.-------------                                    |Psicodelico Jr.
                                 |Atlantis/Volador-                  |
Mascara Ano 2000/Enemigo Publico-                  |                 |
Black Warrior/Sangre Azteca------                  |
Black Tiger/Tigre Blanco---------

(CANZ also recapped this show and arguably had a better grip on what was going on. The tape of this also at WHV.)

Reward: Psicodelico Jr. got a semi-main in Arena Mexico.


Mascara Ano 2000 and Sagrado b Villano IV and Alan Stone on 01.01, in Arena Coliseo

Other teams in the tournament included

Reward: Again, I'm not sure. Nothing in particular.


This tournament took place 08/20/04

Misterioso I/Misterioso II-----                  |
Atlantis/Volador Jr.-----------                  |              |
                               |Atlantis/Volador-               |
Perro Aguayo Jr./Sangre Azteca-                                 |El Hijo Del Santo
Ultimo Guerrero/Dr. X----------                                 |
                               |Guerrero/X-------               |
Ultimo Dragon/Neutron----------                  |              |
Shocker/Alan Stone-------------                  |
Mascara Sagrada/Sagrado--------

Mistico springboarded to the main event as a result.


The 2005 tournament was held on July 1st.

Universo 2000 & Dr. X---------
Bronco & Texano Jr.-----------                   |
Dr. Wagner Jr. & Misterioso---                   |                  |
                              |Wagner/Misterioso-                   |
Pierroth & Nitro--------------                                      |
Atlantis & La Mascara---------                                      |La Mascara
                              |Atlantis/Mascara--                   |
Damian 666 & Apocalipsis------                   |                  |
Ultimo Guerrero/Sangre Azteca-                   |
Negro Casas & Maximo----------

The finalists got to do a rematch for the main event the following week.


This year's version of the tournament happened on June 2nd.

Hector Garza & Hombre Sin Nombre--
                                  |Garza & HSN--------
Negro Casas & Maximo--------------                    |
                                                      |Perro & Misterioso-
Perro Aguayo Jr. & Misterioso II--                    |                   |
                                  |Perro & Misterioso-                    |
Hijo de Lizmark & Mascara Purpura-                                        |Perro Aguayo Jr.
                                                                          |Misterioso II
Rey Bucanero & Loco Max-----------                                        |
                                  |Rey & Loco --------                    |
Heavy Metal & Texano Jr.----------                    |                   |
                                                      |Ultimo & Nitro------
Ultimo Guerrero & Nitro-----------                    |
                                  |Ultimo & Nitro-----
Dos Caras Jr. & Volador Jr.-------

Sangre Azteca was originally scheduled for the tournament, but was replaced when CMLL remembered he was supposed to be in the 2006 NJPW Super Junior Tournament, happening at the same time.



The tournament took place on June 29. This year's group of youngsters were younger and lower on the card than previous years.

Dr. Wagner Jr. & Mascara Purpura-
Negro Casas & Stuka Jr.----------                |
Mistico & La Sombra--------------                |               |
                                 |Mistico/Sombra-                |
Heavy Metal & Super Nova---------                                |
Dos Caras Jr. & Valiente---------                                |La Sombra
                                 |Dos/Valiente---                |
Marco Corelone & Flash-----------                |               |
Ultimo Guerrero & Euforia--------                |
Villano V & Super Comando--------

Shocker was originally announced as Valiente's partner, but was replaced in the days before the show by Dos Caras Jr.

The finalists rematched in a trios match the following week. With the exception of Super Comando, all the young partners received extra attention after the tournament. Sombra jumped to stellar and semimain events in most CMLL shows and Valiente jumped to semi and especial matches. Purpura, Stuka, Flash and Euforia became regulars in 2nd matches, rising to especial level in Arena Coliseo DF matches. Super Nova seemed to be rising to a similar level before leaving the country to turn with NWE.


This year's tournament was held on July 18 in Arena Mexico.

Ultimo Guerrero & Dragon Rojo Jr.-
Shocker & Angel Azteca Jr.--------               |
Blue Panther & Axel---------------               |              |
                                  |Panther/Axel--               |
Villano V & Puma King-------------                              |Ultimo Guerrero
                                                                |Dragon Rojo Jr.
Mr. Niebla & Bronco---------------                              |
                                  |Niebla/Bronco-               |
Hector Garza & Astro Boy----------               |              |
Dos Caras Jr. & Metalik-----------               |
Atlantis & Skandalo---------------

This was the debut of Dragon Rojo Jr., who'd wrestled as Diamante Negro (Jr.) previously. Brujo, believed to be a debuting Caifán, was originally announced as Villano V's partner. During the week, Caifán suffered a knee injury and Brujo was replaced by Puma King.


(Thanks to Rob on filling in a lot of blanks.)