Gonzalo Avendano

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Gonzalo Avendano
Gonzalo Avendano
Name Gonzalo Avendano
Real name
Nickname La Maravilal Enmascarada (1920)
Birth date March 23, 1985 - Tuxtla Guiterrez
Obituary date

Original EMLL trainer who also doubled as a referee. Attended military college in 1908, where he learned greco-roman wrestling and jiu jitsu, where he eventually reached "sixth grade." Learned pro wrestling from William Muldoon while in the US, then served in the first World War where he earned the rank of Coronel. Wrestled as Maravilal Enmascarada for four matches in 1920 in Hollywood. Returned to Mexico in 1931 to teach wrestling and jiu jitsu. Met Salvador Lutteroth in 1933 and joined the promotion as lead trainer and a referee

Source: Clinch 227

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