Gigante Extasis

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To know about other wrestlers who also have wrestled as Extasis, please see Extasis (disambiguation)

Gigante Extasis
Gigante Extasis
Name Gigante Extasis
Real name Michael Jarvi
Nicknames Human Skyscraper
Name history 7 ft Giant Titan, Bishop Cross, Dementus, Giant Magnum, Giant Majin, Giant Titan, Titan, Tower, Gigante Extasis
Maestro(s) Dory Funk Jr.
Birth date, location September 29, 1983
Obituary date
Debut, location
Lost mask to
Height 216 cms/7'1"
Weight 158 kg/348 lbs
Signature moves Chokeslam

American strong wrestler. Came to Mexico in 2010 with EAW.