Gigante Bernard

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Gigante Bernard
Gigante Bernard
Name Gigante Bernard
Real name Matt Bloom
Nicknames "The Hip Hop Hippo", Sweet T
Name history Blado (debut-1999), Prince Albert (in WWE 1999-2000), Albert (in WWE 2000-2002), A-Train (in WWE 2002-2004), Train (2004-), Giant Bernard (2005-), Rusher Road (in WrestleLand 2006), Gigante Bernard (in CMLL 2010), Lord Tensai (WWE 2012), Tensai (WWE 2012-2013), Jason Albert (2014-)
Maestro(s) Killer Kowalski, Dory Funk Jr.
Birth date, location November 14, 1970 - Peabody, Massachusetts
Obituary date
Debut, location 1997
Lost mask to
Height 203 cm/6' 8"
Weight 331 lb/150 kg
Signature moves Baldo Bomb, Bernard Bomb, Bernard Driver, Bicycle Kick, Clawhold STO, Corner Slingshot Splash, Military Press Michinoku Driver, Tiger Driver, Train Wreck
Titles: WWE Intercontinental Championship, IWGP Tag Team Championship (2) (1 w/Travis Tomko & 1 w/Karl Anderson), GHC Tag Team Championship (w/Karl Anderson), IZW Heavyweight Championship, EXW Tag Team Championship (w/Spanky), PPW Heavyweight Championship, PPW Young Guns Championship


The former A-Train, Albert and Prince Albert came to CMLL in 2010 thanks in part to the working relationship with New Japan Pro Wrestling.