GLL Hatun Auqui Latin American Tournament, 2008

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Tournament held from December 11 to December 14, 2008 by GeneraXión Lucha Libre, and Lucha En Vivo. The venue of tournament was the Coliseo Mariscal Cáceres in Chorrillos, Lima, Peru. The GLL Hatun Auqui Latin American Championship was awarded to the winner.


Wrestler Country
Apocalipsis Peru
Comando Rino Peru
Enigma Peru
Heavy Metal Peru
Johnny Kid Ecuador
Ken Guerrero Peru
Kuervo Ecuador
La Cobra Peru
Montoya Chile
Satánico Histeria Bolivia
Spectro Peru
Ultimo Chingon Mexico


First Round
(December 11)
(December 14)
(December 14)
 La Cobra      Apocalipsis  
 Montoya    Satánico Histeria    
 Satánico Histeria  
 Comando Rino          
 Enigma      Enigma    Apocalipsis
 Ken Guerrero    Kuervo      Kuervo
 Kuervo          Ultimo Chingon
 Heavy Metal      
 Ultimo Chingon      Ultimo Chingon  
 Johnny Kid    Spectro