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Logo of Global Les Catch.

Global Les Catch is an extreme professional wrestling promotion based in Tula, Hidalgo. GLC was founded in March 20, 2010 by French promoter Olivier David.

First Anniversary

GLC held a first anniversary show at Arena Lopez Mateos on April 2, 2011. It was notable for it's many title matches, and for misleading wrestlers and fans alike.

US wrestlers Necro Butcher and Matt Cross were both advertised for the show. Both only found out about the show a few days before it happened, and informed the press that they had never been contacted to work this show[1]. Despite this being public days before the show, the promotion did not appear to explain the situation or the absences before the show. After the main event, main event winner Super Crazy apologized on behalf of the promoters for Necro & Cross not appearing. [2]

Super Crazy's opponents in the adjusted main event were US wrestlers Supreme and B.C. Killer. A few days after the show, those two wrestlers complained the promoter had only paid them half of what was promised. David had promised to pay the other half when he took them to the airport the day after the show, then disappeared the next day.[3]



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Light (Low Rider), Middle (Golden Fire), Heavy (Demente Extreme),
Extreme (Super Crazy), Tag (Aeroboy & Violento Jack), Women's (Kamilion)