Fuerza Guerrera (female)

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Hija de Fuerza Guerrera
Hija de Fuerza Guerrera
Name Hija de Fuerza Guerrera
Real name
Name history Fuerza Guerrera (female)/Hija de Fuerza Guerrera (debut-)
Family Fuerza Guerrera (father), Juventud Guerrera, Fuerza Guerrera Jr. (brothers), Furia Guerrera (cousin)
Maestro(s) Imposible[1], Fuerza Guerrera
Birth date, location 1982or 1983
Obituary date
Debut, location September 30, 2018 - Mambocafe Insurgentes, Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City
Lost mask to
Signature moves


Made her debut on September 30, 2018 as the surprise luchadora in the Fuerza Guerrera 40th Anniversary Event[2]. She went in a mixed tag team match with Hijo de Fuerza Guerrera & Imposible against El Hijo de Octagon, Dragón Dorado, & Lady Apache. In different sources she was named as Hija de Fuerza Guerrera, Lady Fuerza Guerrera, or Miss Fuerza Guerrera, nevertheless she stated in interviews that she will go as Fuerza Guerrera like her father.

She had a background sports in boxing, practiced for three years in this discipline. In lucha libre she was trained by Imposible for about a year, and her father Fuerza Guerrera decided to take on his daughter's training.