El Toreo, Parejas Torneo de la Muerte, 1992

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A one night tournament as El Toreo, held on November 6, 1992. All wrestlers put their hairs (Texano & Silver King) or masks (everyone else) on the line, and were teamed with usual partners.

A battle royal was held to determine seeding for the tournament.

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
   Transformer & The King    
 Coloso & Celestial L  
   Coloso & Celestial  
   Los Crazy Stars (I & II) L  
 Dr. Wagner Jr. & Shu
   Los Crazy Stars (I & II) L  
      Texano & Silver King
   Los Crazy Stars (I & II) L
   Villano I & Villano III  
 Texano & Silver King L  
   Texano & Silver King L
   Canek & The Killer  
 Torre Infernal & Scorpio Jr.
   Canek & The Killer L    

Crazy Star I was revealed to be Jose Luis Tellez and Crazy Star II was Adrian Perez.


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