El Fresero

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Guadalupe "El Fresero" Aguilera
Guadalupe "El Fresero" Aguilera
Name Guadalupe "El Fresero" Aguilera
Real name Demetrio Guadalupe Aguilera Arrendondo
Family Fresero Jr. (son)
Birth date
Obituary date August 27, 2021


Officially retired in 2009 after a 50+ year career. Started with the UWA, but switched over to AAA during his career.


Current AAA/PAP Referees
Copetes Salazar - Piero - El Hijo del Tirantes - Rafa El Maya
Former AAA/PAP Referees
El Fresero - Panchito Villalobos - Tirantes - Tirantito - Pepe Casas