ER Dragon Ball Super Tournament

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Concept and Rules

ER Dragon Ball Super Tournament is a professional wrestling tournament held by ER Promotions. The tournament is featured by 12 wrestlers, divided in two groups: Universo 1, and. Universo 2 in a Torneo Cibernético-style in which the last survivor wrestler wins the Dragon Balls which will grant three wishes. Those wishes could be related to give an opportunity in a main event match, getting a title match for instance.


Skalibur, winner

Tournament held on June 30, 2018 in the Arena Nacionalista. Skalibur defeated Dago Ortiz in the finals of tournament to become first winner of the Dragon Balls. His three wishes were the following: First, he asked that all children will enter for free in the next ER Promotions event. Second, being part of the main roster of ER Promotions, and the third wish was unrevealed.


Universo 1 Universo 2
Galaxy Galáctico
Maverick Last Warrior
Marvel Komic
Kamik-C Dago Ortiz
Centurion Skalibur
Thunder Kid Deja Vu


# Eliminated Eliminator Time
1 Centurión Skalibur
2 Deja Vu Maverick
Dago Ortiz
3 Komic Marvel pin
4 Marvel Last Warrior pin
5 Thunder Kid Maverick
Last Warrior
6 Last Warrior Maverick pin
7 Maverick Skalibur
8 Kamik-C Dago Ortiz
9 Galaxy Galáctico pin
10 Galáctico Dago Ortiz pin
11 Dago Ortiz Skalibur submission
Skalibur won the cibernetico