Distrito Federal Box Y Lucha Commission

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The Distrito Federal Box Y Lucha Commission is the leading regulating group of lucha libre in the country. Each state has it's own commission, and each is able to run it's area as it wants under the national rules, but the Mexico City commission covers the most amount of shows, largest populace, and all of the national championships.

As of August 3, 2010, the commission consists of


The commissions are technically responsible to make sure all luchadors and referees are qualified and licensed to be ring, that the promoters are operating properly and that championships matches are within the rules set down (including participants making weight.) In recent years, they've been reduced to collecting a fee from promoters from running the show, collecting a fee for licensing, and being a prop for storylines.

The Mexico City commission is the specific governing body of the Mexican national championships. Those titles include:

The Distrito Federal Box Y Lucha commission also governs the local state championships: