Delta 2000

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Delta 2000
Delta 2000
Name Delta 2000
Real name N/A
Name history
Family Delta Jr (son) Not related to CMLL's Delta
Birth date, location
Obituary date
Debut, location 1982
Lost mask to
Height 5' 9"/178 cm
Signature moves


For the past 30 years Delta 2000 has been a professional luchador. Starting in Juarez, Mexico he worked his way through local regions. He soon made his way to the United States in the 1990's and 2000's. He eventually landed in Colorado. In Colorado he would become one of the founders for the Organizacion Mundial de Lucha Libre. Through OMLL and the rest of Colorado Delta 2000 began training various luchadors including his own son, Delta Jr. He has worked for Mile High Lucha Libre, and the Juarez Promotions throughout Colorado. Delta 2000 continues working for OMLL. He also continues to team with his son and Delta 2000 continues going strong


Delta 2000 with Referee Franco
Delta 2000 going for a headlock
Delta 2000 with his son Delta Jr.
Delta 2000 with a ring girl
Delta 2000 artwork
Delta 2000 pose