Cuatro Esquinas Year-End Awards

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This is a list of current Cuatro Esquinas Year-End Awards, an awards given by the major website of wrestling in Chile to the best of Chilean wrestling in the year. The awards are voted for by member of Equipo Cuatro Esquinas, composed by Don Nico, El Kamm, Filete and Momo. Tino The Icon and Victor Jofre also voted in 2011.

Wrestler of the Year

2011: Engranaje Jack (RLL)
2012: Chuck Falcon (ASL)

Woman of the Year

2011: Imanya Rea (NAG)
2012: Alison Evans (XNL)

Revelation of the Year

2011: Roberto Olivares (Xtreme Club)
2012: Leonardo Nanjarí (LAKONN)

Tag Team/Stable of the Year

2011: La Hermandad de los Robots (Crippler, Ghurka & Red Rocket) of CLL
2012: ByH (Boris Müller & Harold) of LAKONN

Match of the Year

2011: Ariki Toa & KENTA vs JF Roman & Ricky Marvin (December 4 in XNL)
2012: Kaiser vs Xtra Large (August 26 in XNL)

Promotion of the Year

2011: Xplosion Nacional de Lucha Libre
2012: LAKONN Lucha Libre

Event of the Year

2011: XNL Santiago: Capital del Caos
2012: CLL Summer Fest Metal & Lucha Libre

Impact Moment of the Year

2011: Brainbustaaaaahhhhh!!!!! from El Generico to Xtra Large (XNL)
2012: Jimbo Jackson attacked Mr. Keyton and won the CLL National Title (CLL)

Manager/Authority Figure of the Year

2011: Maximo Sarmiento (XNL)
2012: Jimbo Jackson (CLL)

Commentator/Narrator of the Year

2011: Alejandro Ignacio (GLL)
2012: No Asignated