Crash the Terminator

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Crash The Terminator
Crash The Terminator
Name Crash The Terminator
Real name William DeMott
Nicknames The Laughing Man, The Man Of Question
Name history Big Sweet Williams (Debut-?), Crash the Eliminator (1990), Crash The Terminator (?- 1995), Hugh Morrus (1995 - 2000), General Hugh G. Rection (2000), Hugh Morrus (2000 - 2002), Bill DeMott (2002 - )
Family N/A
Maestro(s) Johnny Rodz
Birth date, location November 10, 1966 - Paramus, New Jersey
Obituary date
Debut, location November 26, 1988- Gleason's Gym- Brooklyn, New York
Lost mask to
Height 6'2"/188 cms
Weight 280 lbs/127 kg
Signature moves No Laughing Matter , No Joke (Rolling cutter), Powerbomb
Titles: Puerto Rico: America's Heavyweight Title, W*ING World Tag Team Titles (with Mr. Pogo), W*ING World Heavyweight Title, WCW United States Title, WCW World Tag Team Titles (with Alex Wright), HWA Tag Team Titles (with Raven)


as Hugh Morrus