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Name Ulises
Real name Delfino Espindola Serrano
Nicknames La Furia Blanca, El Caballero Albo (as The Tempest)
Name history Ulises (debut-1966, 1972), Delfino Espindola (1962-1966), Impala (?), Ventatarron (?) Columbus (1975), El Tapatío (1971-1974), The Tempest (1967-1970, 1990-1994)
Maestro(s) Juan Diaz
Birth date, location December 25, 1939 - Puebla, Puebla
Obituary date 2011
Debut, location 1962, Cancha San Pedro - Puebla, Puebla
Lost mask to Chanoc (as Ulises)
Signature moves
Titles: Mexican National Lightweight Championship, unknown Championships from El Salvador


Seemed to be based in Acapulco. Said to be an accomplished acrobat before becoming a luchador and billed as mentored by Juan Diaz after his title win.

Before becoming a professional wrestler he was a motorcycle police officer and bodyguard. As a bodybuilder, he won Mr. Mexico contests. He also was a cliff diver in La Quebrada. Moreover, he worked as an extra in films.

With a sports background in bodybuilding, cliff-diving, and Karate he developed a unique wrestling style. He made his debut on 1962 as Ulises, he chose that ringname because of the legendary Greek King. In a short period of time he wrestled in Arena Mexico where he won the Mexican National Lightweight Championship against Chanoc. That feud went into a mask vs mask match where he lost. As Ulises, he found great opportunities in Central America. The first country that he visited was Guatemala on 1962 then he came back on 1965 and 1966. Described for the Guatemalan press as the fastest luchador of his time with high flying maneuvers and an unparalleled speed. On 1966 he met with his longtime rival Chanoc in Guatemala reviving their matches in Mexico. He went under his real name for a while and won the Lightweight Championship once more.

As The Tempest he is regarded as one of the most successful and beloved foreign wrestlers in El Salvador. He held a rivalry with El Bucanero. He was well known for his acrobatic wrestling style and his use of Karate moves in the ring. He also made demonstrations of his Karate skills in exhibitions. He was a big draw in Arena Metropolitana many fans gathered to see him each week. He was so popular that he had fan clubs and even women tended to interfere and defend him when he was beaten by his opponents. Moreover, he held a vast apuestas record in El Salvador. His success as a wrestler extends to South America. In 1969 he had a tour in Bolivia where he has the tag team partner of El Santo. He wrestled for a short period in the United States.

In 1970s the Colombian Promotion CATCH hired him. He proposed the idea of wrestling as El Santo. The promotion refused, because it was against the policy to plagiarize the name of any wrestler and they named him as El Tapatío. His was so great, he inmediately adapted to the wrestling style of that golden age and reached the stardom. He is remembered as a great técnico in Colombia. He had presentations from 1971 until 1974.

In 1972, he did tours over Panama. He went under his first ringname as Ulises (unmasked), then he came back as The Tempest. In 1975 he went back to Mexico, now as a lightheavyweight and under the name of Columbus. He was an avid history reader and he took inspiration from Christopher Columbus and the conquistadors. He had the intention of conquering the audience. He was reintroduced as wrestler with a vast sports background and as part of the motorcycle acrobats of the police department. Wrestled in Arenas from Puebla, and even for a man of his weight he was very agile. His executions and speed were comparable to Matematico, Bobby Lee or Black Man. He developed a rivalry with Villano III which ended in a lucha de apuestas in which he lost.

In 1973 he was tag team partner of El Idolo, however that alliance ended in a a rivalry which lead to a lucha de apuestas match. The Tempest lost his mask against El Idolo.

He retired in 1994 as The Tempest. His last match was in El Salvador with Capital Sports Promotions.

He passed away on 2011 due to diabetes.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
????.??.?? mask Chanoc Ulises Arena Coliseo - Acapulco, Guerrero
1963.01.16 hair Chanoc Ulises Arena Coliseo - Acapulco, Guerrero
1964/09/18 hair Chanoc Ulises Arena Coliseo Guadalajara - Guadalajara, Jalisco
??/??/?? hair Chanoc Ulises unknown
??/??/?? hair Chanoc Ulises unknown
1965 mask La Sombra Verde Ulises Gimnasio Nacional - Guatemala
??/??/?? mask Angel Infernal Ventarron Cancha de San Pedro, Puebla
??/??/?? hair The Tempest Mano Blanca Central America
??/??/?? hair The Tempest Gran Davis Central America
1968 mask The Tempest El Enterrador San Salvador - El Salvador
1972/05/06 mask El Tapatío Hechicero Colombia
1978 mask Villano III Columbus Angelopolis - Puebla, Puebla
1979/10/06 Mask El Ídolo The Tempest Gimnasio Nuevo Panamá - Panama City, Panama


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as The Tempest

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Karate demonstrations
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as Columbus

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as Ulises
with Santo

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as El Tapatío

with Juan Diaz
as El Tapatío
as Ulises, first trip to Guatemala on 1962
United States propaganda
as The Tempest in Bolivia

debut in Colombia as El Tapatío
1972 as The Tempest in Panamá
1975 as Columbus in Puebla, El Halcon Magazine
masked as Ulises (first design)
radio interview

license of 1990
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