Clímax I

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Clímax I
Clímax I
Name Clímax I
Real name
Name history Clímax I
Family El Hijo del Climax (son), Clímax III (brother)
Maestro(s) Solar, Espectro I
Birth date, location February 5, 1958
Obituary date
Debut, location July 8, 1978 - San Luis Potosí
Lost mask to
Height 170 cm/5' 7"
Weight 70 kg/154 lb
Signature moves
Titles: Naucalpan Tag Team Titles (w/ Hombre Araña), unverified Mexican National Lightweight Championship, Tlanepantla Tag Team Titles (w/Hombre Araña), Welterweight Title San Juan Pantitlan


Climax was born in Nacantepetl, Oaxaca on February 5th, 1958. His teachers were Rafael Salamanca and Espectro I. He claims to have won the Mexico City DF Weltweight title. In his career, he won the masks of Volcanico, Pequeno Halcon, Polaris III and Atomus.

He said he came to Mexico City around 1969-1970 due to personal problems when he was 12 years old. He had a brother and sister and their family was poor. He said he began working odd jobs at the age of 6 by sweeping up at a bakery and washing cars.

He first heard about wrestling while at a cinema. He saw people lining up to get into the arena and asked what they were lining up for. He had no idea what wrestling was when he attended his first match, which he either snuck into or was gifted a ticket to. Zeus was one of the wrestlers on the show and he was impressed by the wrestlers. He thought the show was over after the first match and tried to leave. One of the wrestlers on the show bled which shocked him. He wanted to know how to wrestle after this show and was given information about a wrestling gym by a wrestler on the show.

At the gym, he was confused by the amateur wrestling as it was very different than lucha libre. At the gym, he ended up meeting Aguila Solitaria and Vulcano. He trained amateur wrestling for a year there.

Climax's name came from a journalist. He formed a team with Climax II early in his career around 1978. They trained with Espectro I. He said he earned 20 pesos for his first match. He said they started off as independent wrestlers and joined EMLL in 1979. His partner ended up breaking his ankle and he was a singles wrestler for a while. He was in the ring a lot with Rolando Valentino, who he said was tough. He also wrestled with Mr. Steel and Rodolfo Ruíz. He wanted to wrestle Zeus, but did not get the chance. When his partner recovered from his ankle injury, they went back to the independents. As a team, they mostly competed in the opening matches and Climax I was able to get into the midcard as a singles wrestler.

He said he often took taxi's to various matches and usually changed into his gear in the taxi. He once forgot his clothes in there and ran into problems as he was supposed to wrestle.

He said he retired(likely around 1998-1999) due to spinal injuries and hip injuries that sometimes make it hard for him to walk. He said he still gets the urge to wrestle when he sees a wrestling ring.

He now teaches at Gimnasio Mr. Fortis and never was unmasked during his career.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??/??/?? mask Clímax I Impala Pista Revolucion - Mexico City
??/??/?? mask Clímax I Perverso Pista Revolucion - Mexico City
83/01/06 hairs Clímax I & Hombre Araña Babe Kain & Araña Roja Arena Puebla - Puebla, Puebla
83/02/01 mask Clímax I Atornus Arena Coliseo - Mexico City


as Tlanepantla Tag Team Champions
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