Celtyk Tiger

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Celtyk Tiger
Celtyk Tiger
Name Celtyk Tiger
Real name
Name history Celtyk Tiger
Family Black Tiger, Jhony Mack (uncles), Black Tiger Jr. (cousin)
Maestro(s) Black Tiger
Birth date, location Puebla, Puebla
Obituary date
Debut, location March, 2011 - Puebla
Lost mask to
Height 165 cm
Weight 70 kg
Signature moves Tiger Outside of the Ring, La Campana


He began his training with his uncle Black Tiger for a year before his professional debut. After almost a year of training with the illusion of stepping on the ring, there was a local show at Barrio del Alto, Puebla, he had the opportunity of being in the first match out of the five in the card.

He is predominantly rudo and his wrestling style is high flyer and dynamic also combines techniques.


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