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The Garza Family is a very famous wrestling dynasty in Monterrey. The first generation who wrestled were Humberto Garza and Mario Segura, best known as local Monterrey star. Héctor Garza followed and became a national lucha libre star.


Mario Segura is brother-in-law of Humberto Garza, due to Garza married with Segura's sister. Humberto Garza is father of Héctor Garza (†) and Humberto Garza Jr.. Héctor Garza is father of El Sultán, while Humberto Garza Jr. is father of Último Ninja. Mario Segura is father of El Ninja Jr., while El Hijo del Ninja is sons of a daughter of Humberto Garza. Máscara Púrpura is related to the family, but it's unclear how is his relationship with all they.

Family Tree

1st Gen Humberto Garza Mario Segura
2nd Gen Héctor Garza Humberto Garza Jr. El Ninja Jr. No wrestler member
3rd Gen El Sultán Último Ninja None El Hijo del Ninja


Garza Dynasty
Ninja Dynasty


  • Las Noches Del Futbol (May 26, 2014)

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