CMLL World Welterweight Tournament, 1992

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After EMLL left the NWA and became CMLL in 1991, they created promotion based championships for many weight divisions and teams sizes. Tournaments were held to determine champions in the years following the CMLL name change. The Welterweight Championship was among the last to be decided.

CMLL held a tournament for the new championship at Arena Puebla, and concluding on February 15, 1992. At least four men were involved, and there probably was at least one omitted opening round. Ciclon Ramirez, Solar II & Aguila Solitaria were mentioned as being in the tournament in the lead up. The future Abismo Negro, either as Winners or Furor, was noted as participating in the tournament afterwards.

Fuerza Guerrera--
                 |Fuerza Guerrera--
Felino-----------                  |
                                   |Fuerza Guerrera
America----------                  |
                 |El Khalifa-------
El Khalifa-------

Fuerza became the first champion, but would only hold the belt for three weeks before losing to America, who'd lose it in turn to the other semifinal loser, Felino.