CMLL World Middleweight Tournament, 1991

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After EMLL left the NWA and became CMLL in 1991, they created promotion based championships for many weight divisions and teams sizes. Tournaments were held to determine champions in the years following the CMLL name change, and the Middleweight championship was decided on December 1991.

CMLL held a one night, eight man, tournament on December 18 in Acapulco.

El Hijo del Gladiador-          |
Angel Azteca----------          |         |
                      |Azteca---          |
Emilio Charles Jr.----                    |
                                          |Blue Panther
El Dandy--------------                    |
                      |Dandy----          |
Espectro Jr.----------          |         |
Blue Panther----------          |
Ringo Mendoza---------

Blue Panther would hold the championship until jumping to AAA in June of 1992.