CMLL World Heavyweight Tournament, 1991

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When EMLL split from the NWA and became CMLL, it formed it's own World Championships. The first CMLL championship was for the Heavyweight division, and it started even before the name change over took place. In order to push the idea of it being a World Championship, it included a lot of foreign heavyweights.

The tournament includes 16 wrestlers, and took place over six Arena Mexico shows in three weeks. (They were running Arena Mexico on both Friday and Sunday at the time.) The logistics of the tournament differed from other tournaments.

  • wrestlers were split into two blocks of eight wrestlers.
  • each block of eight would face in a 'battle royale', with eliminations only by pinfall. The match would end when only four wrestlers were left.
  • those four wrestlers would meet the following week, in a battle royale with the same pinfall only rules. This time, two advance.
  • the following Friday, the two remaining wrestlers left from each block squared off in singles matches. The winners moved on to the final, and the losers actually met in what was billed as #1 contenders match, though the wrestler didn't actually become the #1 contender. (In the match, Rayo de Jalisco Jr. beat Nitron.)
  • the final was also a singles match.

Herodes was scheduled to be in the second block, but no-showed, and replaced by El Egipcio.

1st Round
Block A
Vampiro Canadiense |Quarterfinal        Semifinal   Final
Brazo de Plata     |Block A
Konnan             |05.31              
Black Magic        |-------------------\
Rayo de Jalisco Jr.|Konnan             |
Universo 2000      |Rayo de Jalisco Jr.|Rayo-------
Mascara Ano 2000   |Black Magic        |06.07      |Konnan-----
El Egipcio         |Mascara Ano 2000   |Konnan-----            |
---------------------------------------             06.09      |Konnan
Pierroth Jr.       |Nitron             |Nitron-----            |
Cien Caras         |Cien Caras         |06.07      |Cien Caras-
Nitron             |Pierroth Jr.       |Cien Caras-
Fabuloso Blondy    |Pirata Morgan      |              
Mascara Sagrada    |-------------------/
Pirata Morgan      |Block B
El Egipcio         |06.02
Gran Markus Jr.    |
Block B

Konnan winning was a bit of a surprise, as it was expected he'd be leaving to join WWF full time as Max Moon. Konnan would hold the title for a couple months before losing it to the man he faced in the final, Cien Caras.