CMLL Women's World Championship Tournament, 1992

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On June 5, CMLL scheduled a 16 women cibernetico to determine their first female world champion. The two finalists would advance to the final, to be held the next week.

Many of the women had just previously been in the LLI/UWA promotion, and were jumping to CMLL upon the start of their women's division. Zuleyma was the UWA World Women's Champion going into the match, and continued to be listed as their champion for the rest of the decade.

La Diabolica was scheduled for the match, but did not appear and was not replaced.

Participants, in order of elimination

  1. Guerrera Purpura
  2. Selene
  3. Atenas
  4. Neftaly
  5. Wendy
  6. Pantera Surena
  7. Zuleyma
  8. Maria del Angel
  9. La Sirenita
  10. Kaoru
  11. Lady Apache
  12. Xochitl Hamada
  13. Martha Villalobos

Lola Gonzalez & Bull Nakano advanced to the title match.