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In 2010, CMLL held two Torneo Bicentenarios, in honor of Mexico's 200th anniversary. One was held for the minis division, while a latter one was held for the main division. Both involved two blocks of wrestlers in ciberneticos, which lead in to a final match between the winners.


In August, CMLL held the bicentenario tournament for minis. The winner of the tournament would receive entry into the main division. All matches were held on the Tuesday Arena Mexico show.

August 10th Cibernetico

  1. Cisne
  2. Fantasy
  3. Pequeño Olímpico
  4. Pequeño Violencia
  5. Saturno
  6. Pequeño Nitro
  7. Eléctrico

Leaving Demus 3:16 as the winner

August 17th Cibernetico

  1. Aereo
  2. Pequeño Halcón (00)
  3. Pequeño Universo 2000
  4. Astral
  5. Último Dragoncito
  6. Pequeño Warrior
  7. Bam Bam

Pierrothito won, in a surprise over favorite Bam Bam.

August 24th Final

Demus 3:16 defeated Pierrothito in a three fall match.


In September, CMLL held a multistage tournament for it's main roster. The tournament was subdivided into separate tecnico and rudo tournaments. Each of those tournaments were set up as an eight team tag team tournament, where the winning team would immediately face off in a singles match. The winning rudo would face the winning tecnico in the final.

Rudo bracket (September 7)

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
   Averno & Mephisto      
 Dragón Rojo Jr. & Sangre Azteca    
   Averno & Mephisto    
   Atlantis & Último Guerrero    
 Atlantis & Último Guerrero  
   Héctor Garza & Mr. Águila    
      Averno & Mephisto  
   Mr. Niebla & Volador Jr.  
   Mr. Niebla & Volador Jr.    
 Jushin Lyger & Shigeo Okumura    
   Mr. Niebla & Volador Jr.  
   Terrible & Texano Jr.    
 Terrible & Texano Jr.  
   Felino & Rey Bucanero      

In the singles final, Volador Jr. defeated Mr. Niebla.

Tecnico bracket (September 10)

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
   Blue Panther & Máscara Dorada b    
 Hijo del Fantasma & Stuka Jr.  
   Blue Panther & Máscara Dorada  
   La Sombra & Mistico b  
 La Sombra & Mistico b
   Sagrado & Toscano  
      La Sombra & Mistico b
   La Mascara & Shocker
   Brazo de Plata & Máximo b  
 Rayo de Jalisco Jr. & Valiente  
   Brazo de Plata & Máximo
   La Mascara & Shocker b  
 Rush & Strong Man
   La Mascara & Shocker b    

Mistico beat La Sombra in the final.

Final (September 17)

Volador Jr. defeated Mistico to win the tournament.