CMLL Mexico City Training School

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CMLL trains future and current luchadors in it's Arena Mexico headquarters. Classes take at different times during the week.

CMLL's lucha libre training currently starts as early as 14 years old. Much like competitive sports, the best at each age level are encouraged to continue training in more advanced levels. Others start training in CMLL, leave when they feel when they're not fairly advance, and end up continuing their training elsewhere.

Aspiring luchadors often train with multiple trainers, both trying to learn something from different trainers and to build connections to get bookings.

Younger luchadors on CMLL's main roster are expected to continue training regularly. Those who do not will are not used as frequently.

As of 2015, known trainers include

Hijo del Gladiador is often said to be training the youngest wrestlers. Virus & Ultimo Guerrero appear to be training the current younger wrestlers, and their classes are not advertised to the public. Other veteran luchadors, like Shocker, are said to training luchadors but it's unclear who else is part of the formal CMLL structure.

Information on CMLL's school can be found on their website.