CMLI Tag Team Tournament, 2014

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Tournament held in Arena Coliseo Monterrey for new promotion CMLI to crown their first ever CMLI Tag Team Champions. The tournament was splitted in two blocks, which were held on February 16 and March 2 respectively. Semifinalists Big Neurosis and Símbolo left the tournament by unclear reasons and were replaced by the team of Alberto Dos Ríos and Silencio.



Round of 16 (February 16 - March 2)   Quarterfinals (March 9)   Semifinals (March 30)   Finals (March 30)
 Artillero/Crazzy Demon    
 Big Neurosis/Símbolo W      Big Neurosis/Símbolo W  
 Golden Boy/Silencio W    Golden Boy/Silencio [1]    
 Mongol Chino/Mongol Chino Jr.          Alberto Dos Ríos/Silencio [2]  
 Bengalí/Difunto I W        Bengalí/Difunto I W  
 Hijo de Centurión Negro/Hijo de Mongol Chino        Bengalí/Difunto I W
 Ángel Justiciero/Pancho Tequila W    Ángel Justiciero/Pancho Tequila        
 Hijo del Espanto II/Potro Jr.          Bengalí/Difunto I W
 Alberto Dos Ríos/Charles Lucero W        Galactar/Rico Rodríguez  
 Androide/Diluvio Negro I        Alberto Dos Ríos/Charles Lucero    
 Érika Sotelo/Larry Miranda Jr.      Galactar/Rico Rodríguez W  
 Galactar/Rico Rodríguez W        Galactar/Rico Rodríguez W
 Genocida/Sergio Romo Jr. W        Genocida/Sergio Romo Jr.    
 Máscara Púrpura/Memo Valles        Genocida/Sergio Romo Jr. W
 Corazón de Barrio/Hator W    Corazón de Barrio/Hator    
 Panthro/Tigre Universitario    
  1. Big Neurosis and Símbolo left the tournament by unclear reasons.
  2. Previously eliminated Alberto Dos Ríos and Silencio were placed in the semifinals of the tournament.