Brazo de Plata Jr.

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Multiple wrestlers have used the name Brazo de Plata Jr. They're both sons of the original Brazo de Plata.

  • Brazo de Plata Jr. (10/2000 - 12/14/2007): the first to use the name, most notable in CMLL and AAA. Switched to the Kronos name in CMLL, and is best known as AAA's Psycho Clown.
  • Brazo de Plata Jr. II (2009 - current): current Brazo de Plata Jr. in IWRG.
  • Hijo de Brazo de Plata (? - current): Has appeared in independent promotions.

Maximo, also a son of Brazo de Plata, instead used the Brazo de Platino Jr. name.