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Bestiario I was a new talent tournament held by Cara Lucha in 2015. The tournament was similiar to CMLL's En Busca de un Idolo in that judge's evaluations would determine who would advance, not the results of the matches. The winner of the competition would earn a match with Flamita and the finalists would appear regularly for the promotion.

The competition took place over a number of stages

Stage 1

Luchadors were asked to send their information to the promotion between April 9 and April 12 to be selected for the competition.

Stage 2

Bestario i stage2.jpg

18 luchadors were actually chosen for this round, with the promotion choosing to expand the field by 2.

The 18 luchadors met with the promotion and trainers on April 19th, having tryout matches in an empty Arena San Juan Pantitlan. Eight would be selected for the next stage.

Those eliminated at this point

Stage 3

Bestario i stage3.png

A two night tournament was held to determine the winner. The first six matches took place at a special afternoon show on May 16 in Arena San Juan Pantitlan, while the final took place in the same building two weeks later.

Luchadors advanced in the tournament not by the outcome of the match, but by the decisions of the judges. Each judge scored each wrestler 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, and the average score determined the winner.

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
   Wasson 8.4     May 16
 Heredero Maya 7.0  
   Wasson 9.4  
May 16
   Príncipe Aéreo 8.0  
 Puma Galáctico 5.8
   Príncipe Aéreo 6.8  
May 30      Wasson 9.4
   Aramis 9.2
   Centella Atómica 7.8  
 Pegazus 7.4  
   Centella Atómica 9.0
May 16
   Aramis 9.2  
 Rey Fénix 6
   Aramis 8     May 16