Baby Love (Sonora)

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Baby Love
Baby Love
Name Baby Love
Real name Arturo Ayon Sanchez
Name history El Intocable, Baby Love
Maestro(s) Jose Luis de la Torre
Birth date, location May 6, 1959 - Bacobampo, Sonora
Obituary date
Debut, location 1975 - Club Olímpico, San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora
Lost mask to Pepe Luis Esparza - ? - San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora
Signature moves Plancha Suicida, Tope Suicida
Titles: Sonora Welterweight Championship, Baja California Tag Team Championship (w/El Murciélago), Pacific Coast Welterweight Championship


Sonora based wrestler since at least 1975. Arturo Ayon Sánchez was born on May 6, 1959 in Bacobampo, Sonora. He moved to San Luis Río Colorado on May, 1970. Began his sports career at the age of 15 motivated by a school classmate. His first trainer was Jose Luis de la Torre aka "Capulina". Debuted on 1975 at Club Olímpico in San Luis Río Colorado masked under the name of El Intocable in a singles match agaisnt Verdugo. His mask loss was far from hurt his career, he became the popular and controversial Baby Love. He became a fan favorite particularly among female fans. Had one memorable match for the WWA World Lightweight Championship agaisnt the then champion, El Hijo de Black Shadow they tied and Shadow retained the title. Besides of his home state he wrestled also in Baja California, Durango, Sinaloa, Tepic, and Yuma at the Civic Center. Retired from active competition on 2000 after 25 years of career, but he still practices lucha libre as a sport and even trained luchadores in San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora. Served as Lucha Libre Commissioner in San Luis Rio Colorado.


San Luis Río Colorado City Hall

  • Salón de Fama del Deportista Sanluisino

Championship Matches

Year Title Winner(s) Type Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??? WWA World Lightweight Championship Black Shadow Jr. I[1] Retain Baby Love Gimnasio Municipal - San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora

Luchas de Apuestas Record

According to his biography in the Hall of the Fame of San Luis Rio Colorado, he has 15 hair wins and 10 masks wins.

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??/??/?? mask Pepe Luis Esparza Intocable San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora
??/??/?? mask Baby Love El Zorro San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora
??/??/?? mask Baby Love Kessoki San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora
??/??/?? mask Baby Love El Cholo unknown
??/??/?? mask Baby Love El Puma unknown
??/??/?? masks Baby Love & El Murcielago Los Hijos del Diablo unknown
??/??/?? mask Baby Love Electrón San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora
??/??/?? mask Baby Love Rey Leopardo unknown
??/??/?? mask Baby Love Key Lepe unknown
??/??/?? hair Baby Love Gitano unknown
??/??/?? hair Baby Love Bufalo Blanco unknown
??/??/?? hair Baby Love Pedro El Bello Arena Javier Escobedo
??/??/?? masks Mr. Majestick & Baby Love Los Jibaros I & II San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora
  1. Tied hence the champion retains