Aztecas Middleweight Title Tournament, 1997

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On February 28, 1997, in Mexico City, Promo Azteca ran a tournament to decide the first ever Aztecas Middleweight Champion. The finals were to be held the following week on March 7, 1997, in Toluca.

Angel Azteca----------
Tiburon---------------                 |
Black Dragon----------                 |                |
                      |Dragon----------                 |
Ultimo Guerrero-------                                  |
                                                        |Pantera Del Ring
Pantera Del Ring------                                  |
                      |Pantera---------                 |
Ultimo Rebelde--------                 |                |
Super Calo------------                 |

Angel Azteca & Black Dragon both fell over the guardrail and into the crowd following a tope suicida from Azteca and according to the rules - that meant both got disqualified. However the commisioner intervened after the match and ruled both would move on to face Pantera Del Ring in a triangle match the following week for the vacant belt.