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Aztec Rumble is a Lucha Underground match type, invented by Dario Cueto. Luchadors entered at timed intervals, similar to a royal rumble, and are eliminated by pinfall or submission. There is no disqualification, countout, or over the top elimination.

(These are similar to the rules used some years by IWRG's Rey del Ring.)

Aztec Warfare I

The first Aztec Warfare was taped on October 5, 2014 at the Lucha Underground Temple. It aired on El Rey on January 7, 2015 and on Unimas on January 10, 2015. It was a 20 luchador match where the winner would become the first Lucha Underground Champion. The interval between entries appeared to be 80 seconds.

The first and last entrances were determined by results on the previous episode. Mil Muertes defeated Fenix, giving Muertes the last entry and Fenix the first. The other 18 participants were not officially announced prior to show, and order of entry was also not revealed until each man was waved in. Teaser videos indicated Drago and Super Fly's place, and implied where others must have come in.

Order of Entry/Elimination

Entered # Exited Time Eliminator
Fenix 1 Mr. Cisco Johnny Mundo
Johnny Mundo 2 Pimpinela Escarlata Son of Havoc
King Cuerno 3 Ivelisse King Cuerno
Mr. Cisco 4 Son of Havoc Prince Puma
Son of Havoc 5 Bael Prince Puma
Pimpinela Escarlata 6 Cortez Castro Johnny Mundo
Prince Puma 7 Ricky Mandell Big Ryck
Ivelisse 8 Drago King Cuerno
Drago 9 King Cuerno Johnny Mundo
Bael 10 Super Fly Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Cortez Castro 11 Pentagon Jr. Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Ricky Mandell 12 Mascarita Sagrada (2013) Big Ryck
Big Ryck 13 Mariachi Loco Mil Muertes
Pentagon Jr. 14 Big Ryck Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Super Fly 15 Fenix Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Chavo Guerrero Jr. 16 Chavo Guerrero Jr. Sexy Star
Mascarita Sagrada (2013) 17 Sexy Star Mil Muertes
Sexy Star 18 Mil Muertes Prince Puma
Johnny Mundo
Mariachi Loco 19 Johnny Mundo Prince Puma
Mil Muertes 20 Prince Puma won the first Aztec Warfare
& the Lucha Underground Championship

Aztec Warfare II

The second Aztec Warfare was taped on December 12, 2015 at the Lucha Underground Temple. It aired on El Rey on March 23, 2016. It was a announced as a 20 luchador match.

The announcers alluded to a plan of it originally being to determine a #1 contender, and being changed to a Lucha Underground Championship match moments after Fenix defeated Mil Muertes for the championship. Catrina also decided Fenix would start the match and Mil would be twentieth and last person in the match. Catrina also refused to allow Pentagon Jr. in the tournament. (Her enemies Angelico, Son of Havoc and Ivelisse were also noticeable absent.) Mil was shockingly eliminated quickly after a Pentagon Jr. attack. Dario Cueto returned moments later, introducing his brother Matanza as a special 21st entrant. Matanza defeated all the remaining luchadors to win the match and the championship.

The interval between entries was announced as 90 seconds, but usually were quicker.

Order of Entry/Elimination

Entered # Exited Time Eliminator
Fenix 1 Argenis Rey Misterio Jr.
Rey Misterio Jr. 2 King Cuerno Rey Misterio Jr.
King Cuerno 3 Johnny Mundo Prince Puma
Argenis 4 Marty Martinez Rey Misterio Jr.
Johnny Mundo 5 Mascarita Sagrada (2013) Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Joey Ryan 6 Brian Cage Taya Valkyrie
Prince Puma 7 Taya Valkyrie Fenix
Jack Evans 8 Jack Evans Aerostar
Taya Valkyrie 9 Drago PJ Black
Brian Cage 10 PJ Black Texano Jr.
Mascarita Sagrada (2013) 11 Mil Muertes Rey Misterio Jr.
Marty Martinez 12 Fenix Matanza
Drago 13 Willie Mack Matanza
Willie Mack 14 Aerostar Matanza
Chavo Guerrero Jr. 15 Texano Jr. Matanza
PJ Black 16 Joey Ryan Matanza
Aerostar 17 Dragon Azteca Jr. Matanza
Dragon Azteca Jr. 18 Chavo Guerrero Jr. Matanza
Texano Jr. 19 Prince Puma Matanza
Mil Muertes 20 Rey Misterio Jr. Matanza
Matanza 21 Matanza won the Lucha Underground Championship

Aztec Warfare III

The second Aztec Warfare was taped on April 9, 2016 at the Lucha Underground Temple. It aired on El Rey on November 16, 2016, as the 11th episode of the season. 20 luchadors participated.

Dario Cueto announced the return of Aztec Warfare four episodes before it took place, and placed his brother and then champion Matanza as #1 to prove his dominance. Drago won the 20th spot by defeating his trios champion partners Fenix & Aerostar, which also eliminated those two from participating. Jeremiah Crane, Ivelisse, Marty Martinez, Mariposa and the Mack won another qualifier match, eliminating Killshot, Dante Fox, Cage, Texano Jr. and Argenis from participating. However, Ivelisse was broke her foot during the match and was unable to participate. Ricky Mandell, in his first match under that identity since season 1, was implied to be her replacement.

Johnny Mundo originally drew the 12th spot, but was switched to the 2nd spot after annoying Dario Cueto prior to the match. Sexy Star had drawn 2, and was moved to the 12th spot.

Rey Mysterio pinning Matazna was the first time Matanza had been defeated on the show; Matanza injured Mysterio after the match. Angelico returned after being injured after Ultima Lucha 2, attacking Worldwide Underground. Black Lotus also returned with the Black Lotus Triad to similarly attack Pentagon Dark for breaking her arm at Ultima Lucha 2.

Sexy Star defeated Mil Muertes to become the fifth Lucha Underground champion and first female champion.

The interval between entrances was not specified, and varied (likely due to editing.)

Order of Entry/Elimination

Entered # Exited Time Eliminator
Matanza 1 Jeremiah Crane 07:34 Matanza
Johnny Mundo 2 Mariposa 08:07 Matanza
Son of Havoc 3 Son of Havoc 12:54 Jack Evans
Jeremiah Crane 4 Pentagon Jr. 15:41 Johnny Mundo
Pentagon Dark 5 Ricky Mandell 15:49 PJ Black
PJ Black 6 Máscarita Sagrada 16:24 Matanza
Mariposa 7 Famous B 17:41 Rey Mysterio
Rey Mysterio 8 Marty Martinez 18:32 Rey Mysterio
Dr. Wagner Jr. 9 Dr. Wagner Jr. 21:25 Matanza
Marty Martinez 10 Joey Ryan 21:25 Mil Muertes
Jack Evans 11 Jack Evans 22:45 The Mack
Sexy Star 12 PJ Black 23:02 The Mack
Ricky Mandell 13 Kobra Moon 24:10 Drago
Máscarita Sagrada 14 Drago 24:27 Matanza
Famous B 15 Matanza 26:53 Rey Mysterio
The Mack 16 Rey Mysterio 28:36 Johnny Mundo
Joey Ryan 17 Johnny Mundo 31:01 Sexy Star
Mil Muertes 18 The Mack 32:15 Mil Muertes
Kobra Moon 19 Mil Muertes 36:53 Sexy Star
Drago 20 Sexy Star won the Lucha Underground Championship

Aztec Warfare IV

Order of Entry/Elimination